Banana Pancakes

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For the most part my children will eat everything or at least try everything I offer them. I do however have a problem with getting them to eat a banana. I think it may have something to do with how many bananas they had as a baby. It was such

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Coconut Chicken Curry

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Spice up your little one’s dinners with this easy to make Curry. I started making this for my daughter Ashleigh at about 6 months of age. I think it’s the reason she now likes all things spicy. I still prepare the same dish today and it’s always a big hit.

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Portion Control and Weight loss – A Mums Story using Babypotz

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It’s always great to hear stories of the different uses Mums have for their Babypotz. This can range with anything from carrying creams while on holidays, storing loom bands to portion control when on a diet. Our Babypotz range comes in 10 different sizes so as well as helping Mums

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Carrowkeel Co. Sligo – A walk with the kids over Christmas

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Aside from cooking my next favorite past time is to explore the Irish countryside with my husband and my two girls. When I was down home (Boyle Co. Roscommon) over the Christmas we were lucky enough to get a few nice days to go exploring. We took my Mum along

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Baby Maeve – Baby Weaning Journey 7 months

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Baby Maeve has moved on in her feeding and is now being offered a good variety of foods including finger food at most meals. Over the next 2 to 3 months Maeve will play with her food and try to feed herself. Catriona is making sure to allow her to

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Christmas Baby Food Recipes and Suggestions

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A baby’s first Christmas is such a special time for the family and why not include your baby in the traditions of the Christmas dinner – of course with a few adaptions. It’s hard for baby’s to appreciate or understand all that’s going on at this busy time. But there’s

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Vegetable and Lentil Purée

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This hearty recipe was a great addition in our house, my babies loved it and I have continued to prepare it in my Mummy Cooks classes. It is a great way of introducing iron into your child’s diet and it tastes quite sumptuous. Easy to prepare you can blend for

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Apple Prune and Cinnamon Purée

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I have made this in my Mummy Cooks Weaning class and it always go down a treat. It is suitable to introduce about two weeks after you have started weaning because the texture is just slightly more then a runny carrot purée. When your baby is a little older have

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Baby Maeve – Week 5 of Weaning

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Maeve is now six months so this week was important for Catriona to introduce Gluten into her diet. It is also important at this stage to introduce finger food. She may not succeed with it until about 7 months of age but it’s the best time to start so that

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Lunch box ideas for kids

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Skip the same ol’ sandwiches and try and add vegetables into your kids lunch box with our five day Mummy Cooks menu. Children are much more likely to accept healthy spreads then vegetables and here we will give you tips on how to make some healthy spreads to spruce up

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  • about siobhan

    mummycooks is run by Siobhan Berry a Mum with a passion for nutritious, home cooked food, it is Ireland’s first cookery school devoted to offering expert advice to help parents through the weaning stages.
  • Testimonals

    Thank you!! I loved attending all the mummycooks classes and learned so many fresh nutritious meals for the kids without having to spend hours in the kitchen. I really enjoyed your recipes and most importantly my kids loved it. Also it’s a chance to chat to other mums and share experiences. Your knowledge is so extensive, it’s much more than a cookery class… Thank you so much for all the creative ideas and tips!


    I attended the toddlertastic class last week.  Held in Siobhan’s lovely kitchen we had a great chat about our toddlers and their eating habits followed by a cooking demo of some really easy and very tasty meal ideas for our toddlers. Following the class it was nice to know that there are other families out there with fussy eaters but I also came away feeling that my toddlers diet was not to bad after the nutritional info Siobhan provided us!  Siobhan gave us some great ideas to curb those fussy toddler eating habits. I would not hesitate recommending the class to other mums.

    Michelle Jan 2014

    Nicola Attended a Private class:  I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks again for the morning you spent with my son and I. Since then I have had the confidence to realise that if he refuses a food he will not starve and not to offer him alternatives. He is now eating everything and all the same meals as the rest of the family.

    Thanks Nicola

    Nicola Burns Kirley

    I always knew I wanted to give my son home cooked food where possible but as I’m rubbish in the kitchen I didn’t know where to start! Mummycooks was the perfect solution. Siobhan was great in guiding us from early weaning to finger food with lots of advice and chat in between.  There was so much variety in the food cooked every week and the whole process was made far less daunting. My son now eats food that I never would have cooked (or bought) previously and Mummycooks has even had a positive effect on my cooking for the grown ups too.

    Emma Curran

    All I can say is Thank God I met Siobhan, lets just say she took the weight off my shoulders!
    My youngest little boy was born with reflux and is lactose intolerant. In Siobhan’s class, I learned how to cook wonderful dishes and she helped me enormously with vital information regarding his food intolerance. Her class was great fun and I got to meet other Mums and their babies.
    And, even better still!   Since I have returned to work she has been able to cook food for Joe (the baby) and Billy (age 2) for me to bring home and put in the freezer.
    It’s reassuring for me to know that my two boys are eating healthily everyday.

    Eithne Wall, Ranelagh

    My son and I really enjoyed our classes with Siobhan. We learned so much more than what/how to cook such a the benefits of the foods and tips on helping your baby enjoy eating. I really loved the format of the class as it was very interactive. I learned so much more than I expected to and enjoyed every minute. I have been telling friends about it ever since-well worth going to!

    The very best of luck with the business-I am certain we will be hearing allot more about it in the future. It is great!

    Best wishes

    As a first timer mother, the whole weaning process terrified me, Siobhan demystified the whole process, providing invaluable advice, guidance and support, as a result I have a little girl that is thriving and quite an adventures little eater.  The course takes place in a warm friendly environment, the food is both nutritious and delicious, and the recipes can be adapted so they can be used by the whole family. The mummycooks course is also great value, I would highly recommend it.

    Siobhan Butler, Dublin

    Mummycooks, for me was both educational and entertaining at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Siobhan is warm and welcoming and full of up to date useful information on baby weaning. She creates a relaxing environment and cooks throughout the class. The food she makes is, delicious and i found the meals were suitable for the whole family as well as for my baby. I found the course a great help towards feeding my little girl Rachel and the food we brought home was always gobbled up enthusiastically. She also helped me address eating difficulties with my 3yr old and we are slowly making progress.
    For anyone thinking of doing this course, id recommend it highly, for the delicious food, useful information and social outlet it provides. She even takes food orders which is brilliant in a busy house.
    Thankyou Siobhan!

    Rowena Carr (Churchtown)

    Thanks Siobhan for running a great course. I found it informative, a nice way to meet other mums and the food was yum! As a busy mother of twins I was looking for recipes that were easy and healthy as well as trying to prevent having two fussy babies.I particularly liked that we used fruit and veg that was in season as well as some unusual types that I would never have thought to have tried. The twins are thriving and I’m still ordering food from Siobhan to keep in the freezer , very handy!

    Emily Megihan, Cowper Road

    Where were you 5 years ago???,
    After having my third child my excitement with weaning was filled with fear and dread I would of kept the baby on bottles indefinitely to try and avoid it, then Mummy Cooks entered my life and bingo I now have the confidence to not only wean well but i have the tools to deal with my other 2 fussy eaters. The joy of having a child gobble up all that is in front of them is one of the best feelings in the world and I owe it all to Mummycooks!!, Well done keep up the good work.

    Andrea Elson, Stillorgan

    Caoimhe and I really enjoyed mummycooks and thanks for running the course. For the first 2 months of the weaning process my daughter Caoimhe would only eat yoghurts.  Since starting the course Caoimhe and I have become more adventurous with different foods. Caoimhe’s new favorite foods are cod bake and hummus. Mummycooks also gave me the confidence to start finger foods and gave lots of different tips and ideas of what to give. I really enjoyed meeting other mums and found mummycooks a great class to attend.
    Thanks again


    Sinead Hendricken